NIH campus

The Kolmogorov Lab is officially kicking off in January 2022 at the National Cancer Institute, as a part of the Cancer and Data Science Laboratory.

The general focus of our research will be computational genomics - algorithms, mathematical models and tools aimed to answer fundamental questions about living systems through the analysis of large-scale genomic data.

Members of our group have developed many widely-used algorithms for sequence assembly and analysis (Flye, metaFlye, Ragout). We have extensive experience in long-read DNA sequencing and recently contributed to completion of the human genome sequence as a part of the T2T Consortium. In another recent work, we used long-read metagenomics to recover hundreds of nearly-complete bacterial chromosomes from a complex heterogeneous environments.

The lab is run by Mikhail Kolmogorov who is a Stadtman Investigator at the NCI. Click here if you want to learn out more about our team, ongoing research, publications and software.

We are hiring! We are looking for passionate postdocs and PhD students to join our team. Please check here for details.