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Misha Mikhail (Misha) Kolmogorov
Stadtman Investigator
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Before joining the NCI, Misha was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the UC Santa Cruz, supervised by Benedict Paten. Prior to that, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the UC San Diego, co-supervised by Rob Knight and Pavel Pevzner. He completed his PhD in September 2019 in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at UC San Diego, under the mentorship of Pavel Pevzner.

Misha is interested in building fundamental algorithms and tools for genomic data analysis. He is the lead developer of the widely-used Flye assembler for long-read DNA sequencing data. His most recent research aimed to characterize complex metagenomic communities using long-read sequencing.

Ekaterina Kazantseva
MS Student at ITMO University, Russia

Past Members

Evgeny Polevikov
MS Student at ITMO University, Russia, 2018-2019

Alla Mikheenko
PhD Student at St. Petersburg Center for Algorithmic Bioinformatics, Russia, 2018-2019